Tregenna Group

Land to sell?

We strongly believe that residential sites and land projects can bring both – optimal value and sustainability. Through successful projects, we have earned the reputation of identifying and optimising land opportunities and planning applications with life changing returns for the land owners.

We are experienced in land acquisition with and without planning permissions in the South West and are always interested in potential opportunities we can add value and our expertise. Our past projects include greenfield, brownfield, building conversions and medium term strategic land for sites of 1-10 homes. We are equipped to assess opportunities quickly and proceed with strong project management and experienced industry support.

We appreciate that creative collaboration often proves to be the most rewarding way forward and are open to option agreement arrangements, opportunities for overages as well as conditional and unconditional purchases.

We would consider a variety of opportunities, whether with or without planning consent, greenfield, brownfield sites as well as agricultural barns with development potential.
Geographically, the business is based in the centre of Somerset and we largely operate within an hour’s radius, however we are opportunity-led and will appraise sites within the wider South West if of the right scale.